Active aviation investigations

All the active aviation investigations are listed below. Additional information about some of these investigations is available: click on the number of the investigation to read the details.

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Investigation number Occurrence date Occurrence description Occurrence Location
A14O0105 2014-06-25 Loss of control and collision with terrain Kennedy Lake, Ontario
A14Q0060 2014-05-13 Collision with wires Northern Quebec
A14H0002 2014-06-05 Runway incursion Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport
A14Q0068 2014-05-29 Sudden power loss Mirabel, Quebec
A14O0077 2014-05-24 Collision with water Taylor Lake, Ontario
A14W0046 2014-03-29 Runway Incursion Calgary International Airport (CYYC), Alberta
A14Q0011 2014-01-23 Runway excursion Alma (CYTF), Quebec
A13H0003 2013-12-01 Runway incursion Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport (CYOW), Ontario
A13C0150 2013-11-10 Collision with terrain Red Lake (CYRL), Ontario
A13Q0186 2013-11-04 Onboard fire and evacuation Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (CYUL), Quebec
A13P0278 2013-10-24 Collision with terrain Potts Lagoon, West Cracroft Island, British Columbia
A13H0002 2013-09-09 Collision with water M'Clure Strait, Northwest Territories
A13C0105 2013-08-22 Collision with terrain Ivanhoe Lake, Northwest Territories
A13W0120 2013-08-19 Engine failure Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
A13P0166 2013-08-16 Collision with terrain Hesquiat Lake, British Columbia
A13P0165 2013-08-06 Collision with terrain Cache Creek Hills west of Kamloops, British Columbia
A13P0163 2013-08-04 Emergency landing Bella Coola, British Columbia
A13O0125 2013-07-04 Collision with water Griffith Island, Ontario
A13A0075 2013-07-03 Collision with water Moosehead Lake, Labrador
A13P0127 2013-06-29 Mid-air collision Pemberton, British Columbia
A13Q0098 2013-06-10 Fuel exhaustion Beloeil, Quebec
A13H0001 2013-05-31 Collision with terrain Moosonee, Ontario
A13O0098 2013-05-26 Tail strike Sault Ste. Marie Airport (CYAM), Ontario
A12Q0216 2012-12-23 Collision with terrain Sanikiluaq Airport (CYSK), Nunavut
A12Q0182 2012-10-15 Engine power loss and forced landing Victoriaville Airport (CSR3), Quebec
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