Ongoing marine investigations

All the ongoing marine investigations are listed below. Additional information about some of these investigations is available: click on the number of the investigation to read the details.

Investigation number Occurrence date Occurrence description Occurrence location
M16A0115 2016-04-29 Fatal accident aboard an oyster barge Milligan's Wharf, Prince Edward Island
M16C0036 2016-04-01 Capsizing and sinking Champlain Bridge, Montreal, Quebec
M16P0062 2016-03-02 Grounding Victoria, British Columbia
M16C0014 2016-02-17 Capsizing Mamainse Harbour, Lake Superior, Ontario
M16C0005 2016-01-22 Grounding Deschaillons-sur-Saint-Laurent, Quebec
M15A0348 2015-11-30 Fall overboard Clark's Harbour, Nova Scotia
M15P0347 2015-10-25 Sinking of the passenger vessel Leviathan II Tofino, British Columbia
M15A0189 2015-06-16 Disappearance of a fishing vessel Placentia Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador
M15P0286 2015-09-05 Capsizing and sinking West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia
M15C0094 2015-06-13 Fall overboard Toronto, Ontario
M15C0028 2015-04-03 Grounding Pointe Fortier anchorage, St. Lawrence Seaway
M15P0037 2015-03-18 Sinking Merry Island, British Columbia