Active marine investigations

All the active marine investigations are listed below. Additional information about some of these investigations is available: click on the number of the investigation to read the details.

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Investigation number Occurrence date Investigation description Location
M14P0023 2014-02-11 Explosion on board the Jose Narvaez Fraser River, British Columbia
M13M0287 2013-11-07 Vessel Princess of Acadia lost power and ran aground Digby, Nova Scotia
M13C0071 2013-11-06 Vessel strikes Iroquois Lock in Brockville, Ontario Iroquois Lock near Brockville, Ontario
M13L0123 2013-08-03 Collision between the M/V Heloise and the tug Ocean Georgie Bain Section 76 in the Port of Montreal, Quebec
M13M0102 2013-05-18 Marie J: Grounding in rough seas Tabustinac Gulley, New Brunswick
M13L0067 2013-05-16 Grounding of the passenger vessel Louis Jolliet Ile d'Orleans, Quebec
M13N0014 2013-05-10 Capsized after tow 50 nm off Burgeo, Newfoundland.
M13L0055 2013-05-08 M/V Federal Yoshino: Crew Fatality Baie-Comeau, Quebec
M13W0057 2013-04-23 USFV American Dynasty and HMCS Winnipeg Esquimalt, British Columbia
M13N0001 2013-02-11 The Charlene Hunt: loss of tow of vessel Lyubov Orlova South of Cape Race, Newfoundland and Labrador
M12W0207 2012-12-07 Collision with the terminal on arrival, bulk carrier Cape Apricot Delta Port, British Columbia
M12L0147 2012-11-28 Grounding of the bulk carrier Tundra Sorel, Quebec
M12H0012 2012-10-26 Grounding of the tanker Nanny Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut
M12C0058 2012-10-11 Grounding of the Jiimaan ferry in southwestern Ontario Kingsville, Ontario