Ongoing rail investigations

All the ongoing rail investigations are listed below. Additional information about some of these investigations is available: click on the number of the investigation to read the details.

Investigation number Occurrence date Investigation name Location
R16W0004 2016-01-09 Main-track derailment Canadian National's Redditt Subdivision near Webster, Ontario
R15D0118 2015-12-11 Main-track derailment Canadian National Montreal subdivision, Montreal, Quebec
R15E0173 2015-12-08 Non main-track derailment Scotford Yard, about 50 km northeast of Edmonton, Alberta
R15H0092 2015-11-01 Non main-track derailment Near Spanish, Ontario
R15T0245 2015-10-25 Exceeded limits of authority Whitby, Ontario
R15D0103 2015-10-29 Non main-track derailment Montreal, Quebec
R15V0183 2015-09-06 Main-track derailment Mountain Subdivision, British Columbia
R15V0191 2015-09-11 Railway crossing accident Langley, British Columbia
R15T0173 2015-07-29 Runaway rolling stock, collision and derailment CN MacMillan Yard, Vaughan, Ontario
R15D0073 2015-08-10 Derailment Farnham, Quebec
R15M0034 2015-04-17 Main-track derailment Edmundston, New Brunswick
R15V0046 2015-03-11 Exceeded limits of authority Cranbrook, British Columbia
R15H0021 2015-03-07 Main track derailment Near Gogama, Ontario
R15H0013 2015-02-14 Main track derailment Near Gogama, Ontario
R15V0003 2015-01-13 Main-track derailment Stoney Creek Bridge, British Columbia
R15H0005 2015-01-13 Main-track derailment Nipigon, Ontario
R14Q0047 2014-12-06 Fatal Crossing Accident Parent, Quebec
R14V0215 2014-11-15 Main-track derailment West of Terrace, British Columbia
R14Q0045 2014-11-06 Main-track derailment Near Tellier, Quebec
R14C0114 2014-11-06 Main-track derailment Pearce, Alberta
R14W0256 2014-10-07 Main-track derailment Clair, Saskatchewan
R14W0137 2014-05-23 Main-track derailment Fort Frances, Ontario