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  • Collision with wires of Canadian Helicopters Limited, Airbus Helicopters AS 350 BA (Helicopter), C-GBPS, 5 nm WSW of Rigolet, Newfoundland and Labrador on 30 July 2015

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    On 30 July 2015, the Canadian Helicopters Limited Airbus Helicopters AS 350 BA helicopter (registration C-GBPS, serial number 1277) had been flown to a remote microwave tower site approximately 5 nautical miles west-southwest of Rigolet, Newfoundland and Labrador, with a pilot and 2 passengers on board. At about 1609 Atlantic Daylight Time, the helicopter lifted off from the helipad at the tower site and struck a tower guy wire with the main rotor. The helicopter struck the ground and settled on its upper right side. One passenger sustained fatal injuries, the pilot sustained serious injuries, and the other passenger sustained minor injuries. The helicopter was destroyed. The 406-megahertz emergency locator transmitter did not activate. There was no post-crash fire. The accident occurred during daylight hours.

  • Main-track derailment of Canadian National Railway freight train A40541-05 at mile 74.58, Margo Subdivision, Clair, Saskatchewan on 07 October 2014

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    On 07 October 2014, at approximately 1135 Central Standard Time, Canadian National Railway (CN) freight train A40541-05 was proceeding westward on the CN Margo Subdivision when it derailed 26 cars, including 6 tank cars loaded with dangerous goods, at Mile 74.58 near Clair, Saskatchewan. Two of the tank cars, which were loaded with petroleum distillates (UN 1268), released product that subsequently caught fire. As a precaution, approximately 50 residents within a two-mile radius were evacuated and Provincial Highway 5 was closed. Approximately 650 feet of track was destroyed. There were no injuries.

  • Engine power loss and forced landing of a Beechcraft A36, C-GPDK in Osoyoos, British Columbia on 7 July 2015

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    On 07 July 2015, at approximately 1645 Pacific Daylight Time, a privately operated Beechcraft A36 Bonanza (registration C-GPDK, serial number E-1728) departed the Oliver Airport, British Columbia, with only the pilot on board for a flight to the Boundary Bay Airport, British Columbia. Approximately 6 minutes after takeoff, the aircraft suffered an engine power loss, and the pilot carried out a forced landing on Highway 97. The aircraft struck a truck and a power pole, and came to rest on the edge of the road. The pilot was able to egress, but sustained serious burns. A post-impact fire consumed most of the aircraft. The accident occurred 0.27 nautical miles northeast of the Osoyoos Airport, British Columbia, at a ground elevation of 1035  feet above sea level, during daylight hours. There was no signal transmitted from the emergency locator transmitter.

  • Mid-air collision between W.M.K. Holdings Ltd. (dba McMurray Aviation), Cessna 172P, C-GJSE and Cessna A185E, C-FAXO, 21 nm NE of Fort McMurray, Alberta, on 21 June 2015

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    The W.M.K. Holdings Ltd. (hereafter called McMurray Aviation) Cessna 172P (registration C-GJSE, serial number 17274696) was conducting a day visual flight rules instructional flight in the practice area northeast of the Fort McMurray, Alberta (CYMM) Airport. A privately operated Cessna A185E (registration C-FAXO, serial number 18501737), equipped with amphibious floats, was inbound to CYMM on a flight plan from Lloyd Lake, Saskatchewan. At 1917 Mountain Daylight Time, approximately 21 nautical miles northeast of CYMM, the 2 aircraft collided at 2800 feet above sea level (1300 feet above ground level). The collision separated the left float from C-FAXO and displaced the right float, which remained attached.

  • Risk of collision of VIA Rail Canada Inc. passenger train No. 65 at mile 304, GO Transit Kingston Subdivision, Whitby, Ontario on 25 October 2015

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    On 25 October 2015, VIA Rail Canada Inc. passenger train No. 65 (VIA 65) was proceeding westward from Montréal, Quebec, to Toronto, Ontario, on the south track of the Kingston Subdivision, near Whitby, Ontario. At approximately 1615 Eastern Daylight Time, while travelling at about 38 mph, VIA 65 passed a red flag and entered into the work limits of track workers. The train stopped approximately 500 feet from the track workers and some of their equipment on the track. There were no injuries, no derailment, and no track damage.