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  • Person overboard and subsequent loss of life on small fishing vessel Cock-a-Wit Lady 23 nautical miles SSW of Clark’s Harbour, Nova Scotia on 30 November 2015

    Released on

    On 30 November 2015, at 0911 Atlantic Standard Time, the fishing vessel Cock-a-Wit Lady, with 5 people on board, reported a crew member had gone overboard 23 nautical miles south-southwest of Clark’s Harbour, Nova Scotia. The crew recovered the crew member using the trap hauler and attempted resuscitation. After being airlifted to hospital, the crew member was pronounced deceased.

  • Collision with terrain of Apex Helicopters Inc., Robinson R44, C-GZFX, 17 nm S of Foleyet, Ontario on 08 September 2015

    Released on

    On 08 September 2015, at approximately 2015 Eastern Daylight Time, an Apex Helicopters Inc. Robinson R44 (registration C GZFX, serial number 0595) departed from a camp on Horwood Lake, Ontario, for the Foleyet Timber Camp, 17 nautical miles south of Foleyet, Ontario, with 1 pilot and 1 passenger on board. Approximately 3.1 nautical miles northwest of the Foleyet Timber Camp, the helicopter struck trees on elevated terrain. The occupants sustained fatal injuries. The helicopter was destroyed by impact forces. There was no post-impact fire. The helicopter was equipped with an emergency locator transmitter, but no signal was transmitted or detected by search and rescue agencies. The aircraft was not reported missing until the following day at approximately 1500, at which point search and rescue operations were initiated. The wreckage was discovered by a company aircraft on 11 September.

  • Risk of runway excursion on landing of Sky Regional Airlines, DHC-8-400, C-FSRN at Toronto/Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Ontario on 03 October 2014

    Released on

    On 03 October 2014, the Sky Regional Airlines DHC-8-400 (serial number 4170, registration C-FSRN), operating as flight 7519 (SKV7519), departed Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Quebec, for a regularly scheduled flight to Toronto/Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Ontario. The flight was operated under instrument flight rules with 4 crew members and 62 passengers on board. During the landing, at 1649 Eastern Daylight Time, during daylight hours, the flight crew experienced difficulties stopping the aircraft before the end of the runway and steered the aircraft onto a taxiway to prevent an overrun. There was no damage to the aircraft, and there were no injuries to the occupants.

  • Unstable approach and hard landing of Air Canada Rouge LP, Airbus A319, C-FZUG at Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, Jamaica on 10 May 2014

    Released on

    The Air Canada Rouge LP, Airbus A319 (registration C-FZUG, serial number 697), operating as flight AC1804, departed Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Ontario, under instrument flight rules for Montego Bay, Jamaica, with 131 passengers and 6 crew members on board. The flight crew was cleared for a non-precision approach to Runway 07 in visual meteorological conditions. The approach became unstable and, at 1429 Eastern Daylight Time, the aircraft touched down hard, exceeding the design criteria of the landing gear. There was no structural damage to the aircraft, and there were no injuries.

  • Capsizing and loss of life on the fishing vessel Caledonian, 20 nm west of Nootka Sound, British Columbia on 05 September 2015

    Released on

    On 05 September 2015, at approximately 1530 Pacific Daylight Time, the fishing vessel Caledonian capsized 20 nautical miles west of Nootka Sound, British Columbia. At the time, the vessel was trawling for hake with 4 crew members on board. Following the capsizing, the master and mate climbed onto the overturned hull and remained there for several hours. When the vessel eventually sank, the master and mate abandoned it, and the mate swam toward and boarded the life raft.

  • Collision with wires of Canadian Helicopters Limited, Airbus Helicopters AS 350 BA (Helicopter), C-GBPS, 5 nm WSW of Rigolet, Newfoundland and Labrador on 30 July 2015

    Released on

    On 30 July 2015, the Canadian Helicopters Limited Airbus Helicopters AS 350 BA helicopter (registration C-GBPS, serial number 1277) had been flown to a remote microwave tower site approximately 5 nautical miles west-southwest of Rigolet, Newfoundland and Labrador, with a pilot and 2 passengers on board. At about 1609 Atlantic Daylight Time, the helicopter lifted off from the helipad at the tower site and struck a tower guy wire with the main rotor. The helicopter struck the ground and settled on its upper right side. One passenger sustained fatal injuries, the pilot sustained serious injuries, and the other passenger sustained minor injuries. The helicopter was destroyed. The 406-megahertz emergency locator transmitter did not activate. There was no post-crash fire. The accident occurred during daylight hours.