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Stakeholder relations

TSB investigations highlight issues that the regulators and industry need to address in order to reduce risks and safety deficiencies in Canada's transportation system. The TSB's relationships with its stakeholders are essential for change to occur and for safety issues to be addressed. The agency values its stakeholders' views on its programs and recommendations, and makes every effort to  respond to their input and meet their needs.

Safety summit

The TSB held a Safety Summit in April 2016, and invited senior officials from the air, marine, pipeline, and rail sectors to share best practices for collecting and using safety data in a proactive way, with a view to improving transportation safety. See the Proceedings.

Activity book on fishing safety

Safe at Sea: An activity book to encourage children aged 5-7 in fishing communities to learn about all safety aspects that their parents and relatives must consider before going out fishing.

Stakeholders' survey

The TSB conducts a stakeholder consultation about every five years to obtain qualitative data about the effectiveness of its products and to better understand expectations of the TSB. See the report on the results of the 2020 consultation.