Data dictionary

RODS field name Full field name Field description
OCC_NO Occurrence number The occurrence identification number. The "R" is to identify Rail mode followed by 2 digits to identify the year of the occurrence. The alphabetic letter after the year is to identify the region of the occurrence followed by RODS application assigned sequential number.
OCC_YEAR Occurrence year The calendar year of the occurrence.
OCC_DATE Occurrence date The date of the occurrence. Date format is YYYY-MM-DD.
CLASS_ID Classification The TSB investigation classification of the occurrence. When an occurrence is being assessed, the value of 12 is temporarily applied to indicate the "being assessed" status.
OCC_TYPE Occurrence type Identifies whether the occurrence was an accident or reportable incident.
ACC_INC_TYPE Accident/incident type Identifies the type of accident or reportable incident.
PROVINCE Province The province of the occurrence location.
SUBD_MILEAGE Subdivision mileage The subdivision mileage location of the occurrence.
SUBD_NAME Subdivision name The name of the subdivision.
SUBD_OWNER Subdivision owner The owner of the subdivision.
DERAILED_RS_IND Derailed rolling stock indicator Indicates if any rolling stock cars derailed.
DG_CARS_INVOLVED_IND Dangerous goods(DG) cars involved indicator To indicate if any DG cars were involved in the occurrence.
DG_RELEASED_CAR_IND Dangerous goods (DG) released from DG car indicator Indicates if any DG cars released any contents. Not to be confused with a DG leaker, which refers to a minor spill usually due to a valve, gasket or connection failure. DG leaker is specified as an accident/incident type (ACC_INC_TYPE).
DG_RELEASED_NOT_FROM_DG_CARS_IND Dangerous goods (DG) released but not from DG car indicator Indicates if any DG were released but not from DG car. For instance, the value would be YES in a situation when DG were released from a road transportation vehicle involved in a collision with a train. This field was added to RODS to capture data as per changes to TSB regulations 01 July 2014. Data prior to this date is not available.
FIRE_IND Fire indicator To indicate if there was a fire as part of the occurrence or as a result of the occurrence.
EXPLOSION_IND Explosion indicator To indicate if there was an explosion as part of the occurrence or as a result of the occurrence.
EVACUATION_IND Evacuation indicator To indicate if there was an evacuation as a result of the occurrence.
TOTAL_FATAL_INJURIES Total fatalities Total known number of fatalities.
TOTAL_SERIOUS_INJURIES Total serious injuries Total known number of victims with serious injuries.
XING_TYPE Crossing type Crossing type.
AWD_TYPE Automated warning device type Automated warning device type.
PRODUCTION_DT Production date The date and time the data file was generated. Date format is YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.