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Backgrounder - Landing Accident in Fox Harbour, Nova Scotia
Investigation Report A07A0134 - Recommendations

On 11 November 2007, the Bombardier Global 5000 (registration C-GXPR, serial number 9211), operated by Jetport Inc., departed Hamilton, Ontario, for Fox Harbour, Nova Scotia, with two crew members and eight passengers on board.

At approximately 1434 Atlantic standard time, the aircraft touched down seven feet short of Runway 33 at the Fox Harbour aerodrome. The main landing gear was damaged when it struck the edge of the runway, and directional control was lost when the right main landing gear collapsed. The aircraft departed the right side of the runway and came to a stop 1000 feet from the initial touchdown point. All occupants evacuated the aircraft. One crew member and one passenger suffered serious injuries while the other eight occupants suffered minor injuries. The aircraft sustained major structural damage.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) investigation led to four recommendations calling for increased availability of eye-to-wheel height information, improved training on visual glide slope indicator systems and enhanced safety of private operators certified by the Canadian Business Aviation Association.

Board Recommendations

The Department of Transport ensure that eye-to-wheel height information is readily available to pilots of aircraft exceeding 12 500 pounds.
TSB Recommendation A09-03

The Department of Transport require training on visual glide slope indicator (VGSI) systems so pilots can determine if the system in use is appropriate for their aircraft.
TSB Recommendation A09-04

The Canadian Business Aviation Association set safety management system implementation milestones for its certificate holders.
TSB Recommendation A09-05

The Department of Transport ensure that the Canadian Business Aviation Association implement an effective quality assurance program for auditing certificate holders.
TSB Recommendation A09-06

The news release, the photo gallery, the animation and final report A07A0134 are also available on this site.