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Marine transportation safety letters and concerns

Safety information letters

The TSB sends safety information letters to regulatory and/or industry stakeholders to advise them of potentially unsafe acts or conditions identified during an investigation that pose low risks and do not require immediate remedial action. The letters aim to promote safety or clarify issues that a stakeholder is already examining, and are sent before the investigation has been completed. Those that do not contain privileged or proprietary information are posted here.

Safety advisory letters

Safety advisory letters are concerned with safety deficiencies that pose low to medium risks, and are used to inform regulatory or industry stakeholders of unsafe conditions. A safety advisory letter suggests remedial action to reduce risks to safety.

Safety concerns

Safety concerns provide a marker to the industry and the regulator that the Board has identified a safety deficiency for which it does not yet have sufficient information to make a recommendation. As more data and analysis become available, and if the safety deficiency is found to be systemic and not redressed, the safety concern may lead to a recommendation. Safety concerns are usually communicated in final investigation reports.

Product Date
Subject No. To Related report
Safety advisory 2023-10-30 Safe loading of lobster fishing vessels 02/23

Director General, Marine Safety and Security, Transport Canada

Director of National Licencing Operations, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Vice-President Prevention, WorkSafeNB

Safety advisory 2019-12-19 Consultation regarding the implementation of the corridor in LFA 24 03/19

Director General, Strategic Policy, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Safety information 2023-05-05 Installed location of CO2 pilot cartridges and access to manual release levers 03/23

Director General, Marine Safety and Security, Transport Canada

Safety information 2023-03-07 Examination of aft rudder flap assembly on the ferry Confederation 02/23

Regional Director, Programs-Atlantic, Transport Canada

Safety information 2023-02-23 Fatigue Management aboard Beaumont Hamel 01/23

Director, Marine Services, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure

Safety advisory 2023-02-21 Failure of personal flotation device to inflate 01/23

Operations Manager, Canship Ugland Ltd.

Chief Operating Officer, Atlantic Pilotage Authority

Safety information 2022-07-06 Continuous exchange of information between Pilots and Masters 02/22

Director General, Marine Safety and Security, Transport Canada

Safety information 2022-02-08 Safe speed for vessels in Tofino Harbour, British Columbia 01/22

Director General, Marine Safety and Security, Transport Canada

Safety advisory 2022-10-25 Safety during docking and undocking operations 03/22

Director of Marine Operations, CTMA

Regional Director, Programs – Atlantic, Transport Canada

Safety advisory 2022-11-01 Safety issues on passenger vessels owned by the City of Toronto 02/22 City Manager - Toronto M22C0231
Safety advisory 2021-08-19 Statement about need for registration of commercial fishing vessels with Transport Canada 02/21 President, Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters M20A0160
Safety advisory 2021-02-01 Rudder effectiveness angle on the Florence Spirit (IMO 9314600) 01/21 Director – Transportation, McKeil Marine Limited M20C0188
Safety information 2020-05-21 Early Notification of Search and Rescue Authorities of Developing Situations 01/20 Transportation and Works M20A0048
Safety information 2020-04-30 Safety Issues on Passenger Vessels Navigating in the Thousand Islands Area 02/18 Transport Canada, 1000 Islands and Seaway Cruises, Gananoque Boat Line, Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises, and Rockport Cruises M17C0179
Safety advisory 2018-11-29 Failure of lifeboat release hook 04/18 Jiangsu Jiaoyan Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. M17A0391
Safety information 2018-01-18 Safety issues associated with mooring operations in the maritime industry 01/18 Transport Canada M17C0060
Safety information 2017-12-14 Overheating of hydrodynamic fluid coupling and subsequent fire 04/17 Transport Canada M17C0220
Safety information 2016-12-07 Collapse of the platform and gangway 11/16 Municipality of Sainte-Rose-du-Nord M16C0146
Safety concern 2010-09-29 Compliance with regulations and standards n/a n/a M09L0068
Safety concern 2006-07-19 Performance requirements for LED navigation lamps on unmanned barges n/a n/a M03W0265
Safety concern 2020-04-30 Availability of sufficient lifejackets for all children and infants on board n/a n/a M17C0179
Safety concern 2020-04-30 Development and oversight of vessel-specific evacuation procedures n/a n/a M17C0179
Safety concern 2020-04-30 Training in passenger safety management for crew members on passenger vessels carrying more than 12 passengers n/a n/a M17C0179