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Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy 2018-19

FSDS goal FSDS contributing actions Performance indicator Target Performance Level
(Baseline Level)
Low-Carbon Government
Vehicle purchases
TSB will reduce GHG emissions from its fleets as it focuses on alternative strategies to reduce employee reliance on ground transportation.
TSB will gradually increase the percentage of hybrid vehicles in its fleet to reduce the consumption of fuel and GHG emissions as they become available in the categories needed for our operational needs. 10% by 2020
Office furniture purchases All of TSB office furniture purchases will include criteria to reduce the environmental impact associated with the production, acquisition, use and/or disposal of furniture. Percentage of office furniture purchases that used green suppliers; green products, standing offers or supply arrangements with green considerations. 95%.
Information technology (IT) hardware and software Information technology (IT) hardware and software will be purchased against PSPC/SSC consolidated procurement instruments and meet the environmental criteria. Percentage of IT hardware and software purchased against PSPC-SSC consolidated procurement instruments that meet the environmental criteria. IT software includes all commercial off-the-shelf licenses. 90%
Employees have received either a laptop or tablet in order to reduce energy consumption and material waste such as paper. Percentage of employees who are able to make use of this technology who have either a laptop or tablet. 90%
All surplus IT hardware is reused or recycled. Percentage of IT hardware sent to Computers for Schools program or disposed through a recognized recycling program. 100%
Sustainable workplace practices Use of recycled photocopy paper. Percentage of photocopy paper purchased with  recycled content. 100%
Reduce printing devices by increasing ratio of employees per printing device. Ratio of employees per printing device. 1:8
(Baseline = 1:7)
Educate employees to use laptop or tablet instead of printing documents. Number of information session held during the year on using WIFI on their laptop or tablet in attending meetings. 2 sessions to be held
Reduce or eliminate traditional fax machines to reduce consumption of paper and electricity. Number of traditional fax machines eliminated from baseline. 20
Sustainable Travel practices Reduce business travel by updating the video conference systems in order to encourage teleconferencing between Headquarters, regions and stakeholders. Percentage of increase use of videoconferencing equipment in meeting rooms compared to 2017-2018. 5%
Reduce waste generated, and minimize the environmental impacts of assets throughout their life cycle Procurement specialists have completed the required green procurement training to apply sustainability and life-cycle assessment principles in procurement policies and practices. Percentage of procurement specialists who have completed the required green procurement training. 100%
Percentage of surplus assets sold for reuse or recycled 90%
New facilities for TSB High performance building standards to be considered during the planning phase for new buildings or lease renewal projects. Percentage of new building or lease renewal projects that meet high performance building (LEED) standards. 90%