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DGBA+ supplemental table

Governance structures

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As a small government department, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) has a very clear mission – we conduct independent safety investigations and communicate risks in the transportation system. Our sole objective is to make the transportation system safer. As such, the TSB did not have a GBA+ implementation plan for 2018-19.

Human resources

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As noted above, the TSB is a small organization with a very clear and specific operational mandate. The TSB currently has no resources dedicated to GBA+. Where required, the TSB will allocate temporary internal resources to conduct GBA+ analyses on a project-by-project basis.

Major initiatives: results achieved

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As noted above, the TSB currently does not have a specified GBA+ implementation plan. However, the TSB has consulted with the Department of Women and Gender Equality to provide information to the Executive Committee of the TSB on GBA+ initiatives and their potential applicability to TSB programs and activities.

Reporting capacity and data

The TSB maintains two modal databases which have fields for gender; however, in one case the gender field is currently inactive. The databases contain information on investigations pertaining to transportation occurrences in the rail, marine and air industries. In addition, within these databases the TSB focuses on other physical characteristics, such as hair, skin or eye colour; experience; geographic location (rural vs. urban); height; weight; body-mass index (BMI), etc. in the collection of data for research purposes.