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Rail Transportation Safety Information Letter 01/23

23 February 2023

Director General, Rail Safety, Transport Canada
Enterprise Building, 14th floor
427 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa ON K1A 0N5

Subject :

Rail Transportation Safety Information Letter 01/23 (occurrences R22D0106 and R22V0238)
Missing audio channel in locomotive voice and video recorder (LVVR) data

On 11 December 2022, at 1724 Eastern Standard Time, Canadian National Railway Company (CN) freight train M32621-11 was travelling northward at approximately 22 mph into Carr Siding on the CSX Transportation Montreal Subdivision in Godmanchester, Quebec, near the Canada–United States border. As the train was approaching the switch leading to the main track, at Mile 192.1 (White), the 2 lead locomotives and 6 intermodal platforms derailed while travelling over a switch point derail. There were no injuries.

On 29 December 2022, at 1003 Pacific Standard Time, eastbound Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) freight train 302-25 struck CP hi-rail track unit L15034 at Mile 116.67 of the CP Shuswap Subdivision. The hi-rail track unit caught fire and was destroyed. There was no derailment, and there were no injuries.

The TSB obtained the locomotive voice and video recorder (LVVR) data from both occurrence lead locomotives: CN lead locomotive 2237 (R22D0106) and CP lead locomotive 8870 (R22V0238).

While playing back the LVVR data from these 2 occurrences, the TSB observed that neither the recorded data from CN 2237, nor the recorded data from CP 8870, contained in-cab audio.

To ensure compliance with the Locomotive Voice and Video Recorder Regulations,Transport Canada may wish to verify the functionality of LVVR systems operated by railway companies and confirm that all of the parameters required under the LVVR Regulations are being correctly captured and recorded.

This letter is provided for whatever follow-up action is deemed appropriate.

The TSB would appreciate being informed of Transport Canada’s position on this safety item and what, if any, action will be taken in this regard.

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by

Vincenzo De Angelis

Director, Investigations – Rail/Pipeline